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Square House Talk

Get to know the inspirational stories behind
Arabia’s leading success advocates.

Inspiring Arabia

Ever since Square House Talk started airing its episodes back in April 2017, the business scene in Kuwait changed to large extent. New business owners and well-established entrepreneurs started contacting the team to know more about Square House Talk’s guests and to inquire about their success stories. Soon many entrepreneurs across the GCC subscribed to our You Tube channel and in no time, Square House Talk was ranked among the leading business talk shows in the GCC. In season one only, Square House Talk attracted over 2,000,000 views, 1,700 live attendees, and 15,000 subscribers on You Tube. After season one ended, the team wanted to inspire a wider audience, and reach a larger viewer base in and outside the business world.

Square House

That's why Square House Talk took a turn and attracted success advocates throughout the Arab world. The show's aim is to spread awareness that success in business and other paths in life is not a propaganda used to mislead people or misguide their journey in life, on the contrary, success differs from one person to the other and is undoubtedly achievable by anyone who dedicated his or her efforts to reach their dream in life. That's why in season two, the show attracted a more diversified roster of guests and audience from all walks or life. Join us in this journey to inspire Arabia and to ignite the passion that drives all success stories to life.

Bader al essa

Richter Talk’s Vision, Mission,
and core Values:


To be the largest inspirational & interactive platform in the Arab World.


Our mission is to enlighten & stimulate the Arabian spirit by shedding light on the most uplifting & motivating journeys from success advocates throughout the Arab World.

Core Values:

  • Entertaining

    Smiles, tears, and uplifting moments is what distinguishes a show from an educational lecture. At Richter Talk we use entertainment as our jet engine in grabbing our audience's attention and while traveling into the ups and downs of a true successful advocate's journey.

  • Optimistic

    There is a strong tie between optimism and confidence, both act as a driving force behind each entrepreneur's endeavor. Richter Talk always looks at the bright side of each endeavor and showcases the driving wheels behind each entrepreneur's striking success.

  • Knowledge – Oriented

    If knowledge was a commodity, then knowledge solitaire rings will be high in demand. The team at Richter Talk knows the true importance of knowledge seeking & always absorb all the useful knowledge like a sponge, because at the end of the day your one and only true valuable asset is knowledge.

  • Transparent

    We always seek the truth behind every successful journey. The ability to read between the lines and ask clear & courageous questions gives our audience a shortcut to cultivate the fruits successful advocates gained after traveling through numerous paths in life.

  • Trendy

    Our audience is young, energetic, and enthusiastic about what life plans ahead. That's why our team always has our brand in line with what is trending in the mainstream media to grasp our audience's attention and showcase useful knowledge in a unique and trendy way.

  • ” Visit our You Tube channel for unlimited access on all Square House Talk episodes. ”